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Honest Man: The

HD - 7.3

Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer (2010)


Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer (2010) Honest Man: the Life of R. Budd Dwyer is a movie about politics and corruption, suicide and survival. Four years in the making, it explores the scandal that led an honest, hard-working man to take his own

Tjuvjägaren (2

HD - 7.9

Tjuvjägaren (2016)


Tjuvjägaren (2016) In late 19th Century, a poacher and his wife move into a cave. They fight against society for their right to stay, as well as for their own relationship.

Into Thin Air:

HD - 5.7

Into Thin Air: Death on Everest (1997)


Into Thin Air: Death on Everest (1997) An adaptation of Jon Krakauer's best selling book, "Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster". It attempts to recreate the disastrous events that took place during the Mount Everest climb on

Verplant Wie zw

HD - N/A

Verplant Wie zwei Typen versuchen, mit dem Rad nac


Verplant Wie zwei Typen versuchen, mit dem Rad nach Vietnam zu fahren 2021 Matthias and Tobias want to cycle from Germany to Vietnam Their lack of training shows when they start their endeavor in August 2018 Against all odds and without ever losing t

Marianne & Leon

HD - 7.0

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love (2019)


Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love (2019) An in-depth look at the relationship between the late musician Leonard Cohen and his Norwegian muse Marianne Ihlen.

Signed: Lino Br

HD - 7.8

Signed: Lino Brocka (1987)


Signed: Lino Brocka (1987) "Signed: Lino Brocka" is an intimate conversation with the Filipino film director who brought passion, creativity and recognition to Philippine cinema. This feature, which won the 1988 Peace Film Award at the Berlin Interna

The Oratorio (2

HD - N/A

The Oratorio (2020)


The Oratorio 2020 Martin Scorsese reveals the story of a single performance in 1826 that forever changed Americas cultural landscape with the introduction of Italian opera to New York City an event Mozarts great librettist helped organize Taking plac

Keyboard Fantas

HD - 7.6

Keyboard Fantasies (2019)


Keyboard Fantasies (2019) As a sci-fi obsessed woman living in near isolation, Beverly Glenn-Copeland wrote and self-released Keyboard Fantasies in Huntsville, Ontario back in 1986. Recorded in an Atari-powered home studio, the cassette featured seve

Let Fury Have t

HD - 5.8

Let Fury Have the Hour (2012)


Let Fury Have the Hour 2012 In his feature directorial debut, acclaimed author, visual artist, and filmmaker Antonino DAmbrosio has fashioned a lively social history that chronicles how a generation of artists, thinkers, and activists used their crea

Hwang Jin yi (2

HD - 6.4

Hwang Jin yi (2007)


Hwang Jin yi 2007 HWANG Jin yi was one of the most legendary women in the 500 year reign of the Joseon Dynasty Born into nobility, she made the startling choice to become a gisaeng at age 15 By 18, she was the object of desire of all men and the envy

McCartney 3,2,1

HDTV - 8.8

McCartney 3,2,1 (2021)


McCartney 3,2,1 2021 2021 Six Episode Series on Hulu Producer Rick Rubin interviews Paul McCartney on his work with the Beatles, Wings, and as a solo artist, including stories about his personal relationships that inspired his songwriting

Angele (2021)

HD - N/A

Angele (2021)


Angele 2021 Belgian pop star Angele reflects on her life and hopes as she finds balance amid the tears, joys and loneliness of fame Told through her own words

Ted Bundy Falli

HDTV - 7.8

Ted Bundy Falling for a Killer (2020)


Ted Bundy Falling for a Killer 2020 After nearly 40 years of silence, Elizabeth Kendall Ted Bundys former girlfriend and her daughter Molly share their experiences with unsettling new details about the notorious serial killer

In Search of Wa

HD - N/A

In Search of Walt Whitman, Part Two The Civil War


In Search of Walt Whitman, Part Two The Civil War and Beyond 1861 1892 2020 The poet moves to Washington to care for injured Civil War soldiers but is disillusioned by the Gilded Age after the war He recovers from a debilitating stroke to live out hi