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Fast and Loose

SD - 6.5

Fast and Loose (1930)


Fast and Loose (1930) A wealthy family is thrown into turmoil when the daughter falls for the family chauffeur and the son begins to keep company with a chorus girl.

The Lady Is a S

HD - 6.3

The Lady Is a Square (1959)


The Lady Is a Square (1959) Frankie Vaughan stars as young pop singer Johnny Burns, who is enlisted reluctantly by Frances Baring (Anna Neagle), a socialite widow attempting to keep her late husband's symphony ...

Death to Prom (

SD - 6.1

Death to Prom (2014)


Two best friends make the best of going to high school by dreaming up fashion magazine photo shoots, and bribing their siblings to model for them. René indulges his fantasies and loves designing clothes. Frankie lives for her camera and punk rock.

Ellen (19941998

HDTV - 6.0

Ellen (19941998)


Ellen (19941998) Ellen Morgan (Ellen DeGeneres) is a neurotic, thirty-something, bookstore employee who tries to get by life in dealing with her various friends who include the outgoing redhead Paige Clark (Joely Fisher), insecure photographer Adam G

The Rainbow Bri

HD - 4.5

The Rainbow Bridge Motel (2017)


After reserving their dream wedding package at Niagara Falls, Dean and Darren learn theyve booked themselves in a run down motor lodge sandwiched between two chemical plants run by some guy named Shibbawitz and a Burmese refugee family

Internes Cant T

HD - 7.0

Internes Cant Take Money (1937)


Internes Cant Take Money (1937) In a fantastically art-deco hospital, young Dr. Kildare treats and falls for impoverished Janet Healy, widow of a bank robber, who's been in prison and can't find her baby. Later she helps Kildare sew up gangster Hanlo

All Because of

HD - 4.5

All Because of Love (2017)



Monday Morning

HD - 6.8

Monday Morning (2002)


Monday Morning (2002) A story told quietly of Vincent a welder at a large and seemingly toxic plant along the Rhône, living in a village with his sons, wife, and mother, saying little to each other. Vincent paints; some of what he sees is artifice.

The Gaelic Curs

HD - 6.2

The Gaelic Curse (2016)


Two ordinary young men are the recipients of an ancient Gaelic Curse handed down through the centuries

We Couldnt Beco

HD - N/A

We Couldnt Become Adults (2021)


We Couldnt Become Adults (2021) Prodded by a friend request, a forty-something recalls his past relationships from the 90s onward, looking for his vanished hopes and dreams.

Grosse Freiheit

HD - 7.3

Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7 (1944)


Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7 (1944) The film tells the story of the blond "singing sailor" Hannes Kröger who works in a St. Pauli club on the Große Freiheit 7, and falls in love with a girl. But she prefers his rival Willem and Hannes returns to

Looking for Mr

HD - 5.8

Looking for Mr Right (2014)


Looking for Mr Right 2014 Writer Annie Butler Lancaster is miserable after she suffers a bad breakup while facing her dead end job writing user manuals instead of manuscripts Deciding to envision the life she wants in hopes of making it a reality, An

Yowamushi Pedal

HD - 7.0

Yowamushi Pedal: The Movie (2015)


Yowamushi Pedal: The Movie (2015) Inter High is over and the third years will be graduating soon. But Team Sohoku receives an invitation to one last race, the Kumamoto Fire Country Race.

John Lives Agai

HD - 3.7

John Lives Again (2015)


Single and underemployed, John pledges to get his act together before he turns 30 When he meets the elegant young professional Vanessa, he thinks hes found the woman to elevate him

The Ratings Gam

HD - 6.0

The Ratings Game (1984)


The Ratings Game (1984) Vic De Salvo, a sympatic mafioso, manipulates with the help of Francine, a girl working for the TV audience controler, the data of the audience watching his program of a small channel. Thus he converts himself into a star of t

The Tattered Wi

HD - 6.7

The Tattered Wings (1955)


A widow life is left in turmoil when her childhood lover returns to town, left between the decision whether to go with him and start a new life in tokyo or settle down with her kindly brother in law, amidst a growing scandal that could tatter her fam

Sharkskin (2015

HD - 6.4

Sharkskin (2015)


Sharkskin (2015) Set in post-World War II Manhattan, Sharkskin tells the story of custom tailor Mike Esposito's encounters with local mobsters who run the neighborhood. Mike is drawn into the mob when Mafia Don Piano orders Mike to make a suit for a

Les Visiteurs d

HD - 7.3

Les Visiteurs du Soir (1942)


Les Visiteurs du Soir (1942) At the end of the 15th century, two minstrels Gilles and Dominique come from nowhere into the castle of Baron Hugues. Gilles charms Anne, Hughes' daughter, while Dominique charms both Hugues and Ann's fiance. Gilles and D

PeachOReno (193

SD - 6.8

PeachOReno (1931)


PeachOReno (1931) After a quarrell at their 25th wedding aniversery, Joe and Aggie Bruno decide to divorce each other, and both leave for Reno. So do their daughters Prudence and Pansy, but they want to get their parents back to gether. Joe and Aggie

Bloodhounds of

HD - 5.6

Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989)


Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989) This musical is based on four short stories by Damon Runyon. In one tale, gambler Feet Samuels sells his body to science just as he realizes that Hortense loves him and that he would rather live than die. In another sto

Bei guang zhua

HD - 6.3

Bei guang zhua zou de ren (2019)


Bei guang zhua zou de ren (2019) 'Gone With The Light' is a 2019 Chinese sci-fi thriller, revolves around a group of people that disappear after a mysterious light falls upon the city, leaving the survivors to try and unravel the mystery.

They Knew What

SD - 6.4

They Knew What They Wanted (1940)


They Knew What They Wanted (1940) Tony (Charles Laughton), a successful but illiterate middle-aged grape farmer, sends the photograph of his handsome young foreman, Joe (William Gargan), instead of his own, hoping to woo and marry Amy (Carole Lombard

Shanghai Expres

HD - 7.4

Shanghai Express (1932)


Shanghai Express (1932) Many passengers on the Shanghai Express are more concerned that the notorious Shanghai Lily is on board than the fact that a civil war is going on that may make the trip take more than three days. The British Army doctor, Dona

A Windy, But Pl

HD - 6.0

A Windy, But Pleasant Day (1980)


A Windy, But Pleasant Day (1980) This is a film about the coming of age of three men.

Randys Canvas (

HD - 7.8

Randys Canvas (2018)


Randys Canvas (2018) A coming-of-age love story about an aspiring artist with autism.

The Count of th

SD - 6.0

The Count of the Old Town (1935)


The Count of the Old Town (1935) In one of the narrow streets of the Old town of Stockholm lies hotel City. It's inhabited by mysterious characters such as 'Greven', 'Blomman' and others. The police inspector Göransson is chasing a jewel thief, 'Dia

Fireworks Over

HD - 5.9

Fireworks Over the Sea (1951)


Fireworks Over the Sea (1951) The Kamiya family struggles to keep the town fishing association from going bankrupt as they deal with a dishonest captain and his degenerate crew.

Follow the Star

HD - 7.2

Follow the Stars Home (2001)


Follow the Stars Home (2001) Two brothers - one virtuous, one feckless - are in love with the same woman. She falls for Brother Wrong, carrying a torch for him even after he deserts her. But Brother Right remains steadfast and available. What's unusu

Oh Crappy Day (

HD - N/A

Oh Crappy Day (2018)


Oh Crappy Day (2018) A young filmmaker hopes to find love through online dating -- if he can just keep his OCD on the down low.

Ganbare Doukich

HDTV - 6.3

Ganbare Doukichan (2021)


Ganbare Doukichan (2021) An office worker struggles to reach her dream man.

Go Lala Go 2 (2

HD - 5.2

Go Lala Go 2 (2015)


Go Lala Go 2 (2015) Lala starts a new career in a new position after company restructures. She encounters a handsome and successful client, Chen Feng, who proposed to Lala, and broke up with Wang Wei. Lala is in a dilemma between love and career.

Maisie Gets Her

HD - 6.3

Maisie Gets Her Man (1942)


Maisie Gets Her Man (1942) Parting company with her on-stage partner Professor Orco partly due to the job being potentially hazardous to her health, streetwise but kind-hearted vaudeville performer Maisie Ravier, in Chicago, goes on a search for anot

Bless This Hous

HD - 6.3

Bless This House (1972)


Bless This House (1972) In 1970s English suburbia, middle-aged homeowner Sid Abbot just wants to get on with building his illegal whiskey still, but is frustrated by his work-shy son and otherworldly daughter. When rude, arrogant Ronald Baines and hi

Blue Moon Ball

HD - N/A

Blue Moon Ball (2021)


Blue Moon Ball 2021 Grace Montague, a writer, returns to her hometown to finish her final novel Upon arriving home she finds her first love, Sean, desperate to save the towns historic ballroom, and needs her help the night of the rare Blue Moon Ball

Joze to tora to

HD - 8.1

Joze to tora to sakanatachi (2020)


Joze to tora to sakanatachi (2020) Tsuneo is a university student and Josee is a young girl who has rarely gone out of the house by herself due to her being unable to walk. The two meet when Tsuneo finds Josee's grandmother taking her out for a eveni

Coyote Creek Ch

HD - 5.7

Coyote Creek Christmas (2021)


The fate of the Coyote Creek Inn and Paige's relationships are both left to the magic of the holiday season to decide.

Rhapsody of Lov

HD - 6.1

Rhapsody of Love (2020)


Rhapsody of Love (2020) Romance, work and life all collide when a wedding planner and wedding photographer meet and ignite sparks in this uplifting Asian Australian romantic comedy

Mister Max (193

SD - 7.1

Mister Max (1937)


Mister Max (1937) Vittorio De Sica, heir to a large sum of money and owner of a newspaper vending stall, makes enough money out of his business to take a vacation at a fashionable resort. He is given a ...

Cest Si Bon (20

HD - 5.9

Cest Si Bon (2015)


Cest Si Bon (2015) Oh Geun-tae (JUNG Woo) is a country boy with a booming baritone who is discovered by aspiring singer-songwriter Lee Jang-hui (JIN Goo) and thrust into the bustling world of Seoul's iconic folk music café-C'est Si Bon. Unwittingly,

On the 12th Dat

HD - 7.3

On the 12th Date of Christmas (2020)


On the 12th Date of Christmas (2020) Two game creators, both vying for a promotion, must team up to create a Christmas scavenger hunt.

Sunshine Follow

HD - 6.6

Sunshine Follows Rain (1946)


Sunshine Follows Rain (1946) 19th century in the north of Sweden. A story of forbidden love between farmer's daughter Marit and Jon, the scorned result of an extramarital affair between a girl Marit's father Germund once loved and a gypsy fiddle play

Thus Another Da

HD - 6.8

Thus Another Day (1959)


Thus Another Day (1959) A young wife looses patience with her career-minded husband and returns to her parents' home while an unpaid mortgage forces the couple to rent out their home for the summer to the husband's boss.

You, Me & The C

HD - N/A

You, Me & The Christmas Trees (2021)


You, Me & The Christmas Trees (2021) N/A

Le jour se lèv

HD - 7.8

Le jour se lève (1939)


Le jour se lève (1939) Francois, a sympathetic factory worker, kills Valentin with a gun. He locked himself in his furnished room and starts remembering how he was led to murder. He met once Francoise, a young fleurist, and they fell in love. But Fr

Texas (1941)

HD - 6.8

Texas (1941)


Texas (1941) Two Virginians are heading for a new life in Texas when they witness a stagecoach being held up. They decide to rob the robbers and make off with the loot. To escape a posse, they split up and don't see each other again for a long time.

Borrowed Hearts

HD - 6.9

Borrowed Hearts (1997)


Borrowed Hearts (1997) Kathleen's a hard-working single mother, who's saving to buy a house for herself and her daughter, Zoe. Sam's a businessman who has to pretend he has a family in order to close a deal with the mysterious Javier Del Campo. Sam o

The Black Rose

HD - 6.3

The Black Rose (1950)


The Black Rose 1950 In the 13th century, Walter of Gurnie, a disinherited Saxon youth, is forced to flee England With his friend, the master archer Tris, he falls in with the army of the fierce but avuncular General Bayan, and journeys all the way to

A Ring for Chri

HD - 4.9

A Ring for Christmas (2020)


A Ring for Christmas 2020 Spoiled single girl Angie Moore is living the good life in New York City shopping, eating at the best restaurants, and no job to go to Monday Morning all on her parents dime But when her frustrated mother, Margaret, cuts Ang