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  1. Vote: 5.6

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

  4. Starring: Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, Tian Jing
  5. Director: Yimou Zhang
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Storyline:  The Great Wall (2016) In an epic search for the secret of gunpowder, a group of European mercenaries travel to China during the reign of the Renzong Emperor. A few miles north of the Great Wall, Khitan bandits attack them. Upon escaping, the survivors seek refuge in a cave but are attacked by a monster, leaving only William Garin and Pero Tovar alive. They cut off the monster's arm and bring it with them. The next day, they stumble upon the Wall and are taken prisoner by soldiers of the Nameless Order, led by General Shao and Strategist Wang.The Nameless Order is a Chinese military order commissioned by the Imperial Court of the Song Dynasty to repel a horde of alien monsters called Tao Tieh. The monsters, one of whom William had slain, attack once every sixty years. The Order's commanders are stunned by the monster's severed hand, believing the invasion was still a week away. Suddenly, a large wave of monsters assault the Great Wall, and the Order is mobilized....

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